Aluminum-Ion battery could be the future of portable battery chargers

Aluminum-Ion battery Could be the future of Portable Battery Chargers (Photo: Stanford University)


In a Stanford research lab, brilliant minds have come together to create what could be a game changing development in the battery space, Aluminium-Ion. The Aluminium-Ion battery charges significantly faster than current Alkaline and Lithium batteries, and it is lighter, safer, and flexible. The prototype battery features an anode made of aluminum, a cathode of graphite and an ionic liquid electrolyte, all packed within a flexible, polymer-coated pouch. “The electrolyte is basically a salt that’s liquid at room temperature, so it’s very safe,” said Stanford graduate student Ming Gong, co-lead author of the study. While improved safety is a benefit, the more important development is the speed at which it can charge. If it were to be used commercially it would be, by far, the fastest charging battery on the market. The Stanford team claims”unprecedented charging times” of just one minute for recharging the prototype battery. In addition, the Aluminum-ion battery also lasts about 7.5 times longer than your average Lithium based battery. Needless to say, if this battery were to pass government testing and approval, it would be the ultimate medium for charging.

What Does This Mean for Zekmo?

This battery still must pass numerous safety and quality assurance tests by the government. But it is likely that we this battery will be approved. What this means for Zekmo is, that our development team will research and work with other companies on creating a new standard in the battery space. So the answer is yes, you could be seeing Aluminium-Ion ExtraVolts and other portable Zekmo devices for sale in the future. For now, just keep you fingers crossed and hope that the government testing and approvals are completed with haste so that we can bring these batteries to the market sooner!

The team’s work is detailed in a paper published in the online edition of Nature and the battery can be seen in action in the video below.

Source: Stanford University

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