Zekmo ExtraVolt Portable Battery Pack ChargerEveryone hates getting stuck somewhere or going out with a dying phone. Having to charge the phone is a huge hassle. You can miss important calls. You may have trouble making a call when you are in trouble. People get stranded all the time. They miss calls for job interviews, doctor’s appointments and business. It’s simply too much trouble to put up with.  But there’s a solution within your reach.  With the new ExtraVolt portable charger by Zekmo, you can avoid missed calls and get business done without having to worry about your phone battery dying. You will be able to charge your phone anytime with a portable charger the size of a cell phone. The charger is perfect for any device that takes a mini-usb charger. You can charge your tablet, iPhone digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets and most electronic devices. USB is quickly becoming the standard plug for chargers, so most devices will work with the ExtraVolt. You will rest easy knowing your device will work perfectly wherever you are.

Zekmo ExtraVolt Portable Battery Pack Charger DevicesThe charger has a very unique and stylish design that almost makes it look like a fashion accessory. You simply plug a regular charger into one of the devices two USB outlets and charge it up. When you need to charge it, you plug a regular phone charger into the device’s USB port. The charger is also about the size of an iPhone 6, so it fits quite easily into your pocket and you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much room. This makes the charger the perfect portable charger to carry around.

The reason the charger is called ExtraVolt is the high capacity lithium ion battery. It can hold more charge so that your phone will last longer and the charger can keep on working. That way you know that the charger will get you through so long as you keep it charged after you use it up. That way, you can feel secure when you are away from an outlet.

One of the issues with using a charger other than the one your phone comes with is that not all chargers are created equal. People tend to think that because a charger fits into a certain plug it fits a certain device. Even if the device says it’s charging, it won’t always provide the proper charge for your phone. Basically, if you use a different charger, it won’t provide the proper charge for a device even if it does charge it. This can ruin your battery. It can overheat your device. It can brick your phone. It can also shorten battery life.

Zekmo ExtraVolt Portable Battery Pack Charger KitZekmo’s ExtraVolt portable charger will give you the security of knowing that your device is safe. The charger is set up to sense what amount of power is right for your device. Which allows you to make sure that the battery won’t receive too much or too little. Very few chargers offer this feature which makes this device a very unique piece of equipment. This feature gives the charger the versatility to work with a variety of other devices without causing undue damage.

One of the biggest issues with using a third party charger is the battery life. Due to the various amounts of power chargers supply to devices, phones have trouble keeping a charge. Zekmo’s ExtraVolt will supply your device with more than 40 hours of talk time and browsing time. This will allow you to get your business done and get the most out of your phone or tablet without having to worry and it brings you a peace of mind that you simply can’t achieve otherwise.

Zekmo’s ExtraVolt portable charger solves a real life solution to a problem that everyone has faced before. Cell phones and tablets are more than just a modern convenience. They are a lifeline. People need to know that they have the ability to use them. People need to be able to use GPS to know where they are going. They need to call businesses and find information quickly to conduct day to day business and they can’t do that if they can’t use their phones or tablets. It’s so important for them to be able to have their devices ready. The Zekmo portable charger allows them to do that and that is revolutionary.

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