Zekmo has enjoyed multiple partnership opportunities by distributing our products to dozens of companies under “private label” or “co-branded” programs world-wide. We have proven many times that private labeling our portable chargers are a fantastic investment for any company. Private labeling our portable chargers to fit specific niche markets or to offer value-added items to supplement customer service or sale programs can positively impact profit margin.

Our private label customers have built successful after care or ancillary sales programs with our chargers. By offering value added/after care maintenance products, companies can solve an array of challenges, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and provide an additional on-line or retail sales profit center.

Below is an example of one of our client’s private labelled ExtraVolt portable charger.

ExtraVolt  Portable Battery Pack Charger Private Labelled

With your own logos and branding placed on our chargers it will create an incredibly positive impact on both your brand and customer loyalty. Many of our private label clients give our portable chargers away as corporate gifts, or as company incentives to increase work productivity.

When our chargers have been given as corporate gifts our clients have reported a substantial increase in business and customer loyalty from the clients that received them. In addition, giving a high-end and unique corporate gift to clients can prove to be a fantastic investment.

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