Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a mobile phone that didn’t die at the very moment you needed to use it — or worse, you were in the middle of a very important call?

Unfortunately, even when driverless cars are practically on the horizon, technology has yet to come up with a phone that has limitless battery life. Go figure.

Well, short of turning your phone off, you should apply the following tips to retain as much juice for your phone’s battery as possible:

  • When buying a portable charger, pick one that shuts off as soon as your phone is charged. Evidently, leaving your phone still plugged with the charger can degrade the battery’s health.
  • Schedule when you’ll charge your phone. Don’t just have it plugged in sporadically. Ideally, charge it when your battery’s juice is running low.
  • Download battery saving apps; some of these apps not only come for free but they will also tell you exactly what is making the battery lose its juice too quickly.
  • Turn off apps or features you are not going to use for the day. From Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to GPS and push notifications for emails and social media pages, if you don’t need it, turn it off. These can eat up battery life. Yes. Most especially video games.
  • Reduce the brightness level of your phone’s screen. When you’re using AMOLED screen, switching to a dark background can actually save battery life.
  • Organize your screen. Ditch the widgets and the live wallpapers. Animated stuff can suck out juice from your battery.
  • If you’re going on a long trip, it might be best to bring along a charger that fits your car’s lighter socket; that would surely come in handy. You get more juice from your battery while on the road, especially when you use navigation on your phone.
  • Don’t leave your mobile phone sitting under the sun. You want to keep it cool so it doesn’t drain its battery life. Batteries in phones function optimally when exposed to cooler environments.
  • Use ringtones instead of vibrations. It turns out that while setting your phone on vibrate might be more polite when you’re in a group, it can drain more battery life than ringtones.
  • Shorten screen timeout. When you allow your phone’s screen to be lit even after you have used it, it will drain battery life.

Your mobile phone’s battery will have more juice when you take out all the unnecessary stuff and use it well. With these tips, you may just avoid charging every night.


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