The world is constantly evolving with exponential amounts of new discoveries and technology being uncovered each day. At Zekmo, we are constantly evolving our own technology and products to bring you, our users, the best possible experience. Earlier this year we unveiled a unique and innovative new portable charging device to the market, the ExtraVolt. Since its release it has received a tremendous response by all of its users. Our customers especially rave about how portable it is, the sleek look of the charger, and the speed at which it charges (It is one of the fastest chargers on the market). But, like any new technology, it can always be improved upon. That is why we began developing the second generation of ExtraVolts immediately after the first generation was released. Our development team has listened to what our customers have said, and are eager to show them the improvements.

Creating a More Powerful Charger

We wanted redefine the ExtraVolt, and the entire external battery charging space. So, we stripped the ExtraVolt down to its basic components, and started all over again. We began development of the second generation ExtraVolt from the ground up. We improved the ExtraVolt’s battery charging abilities, giving your devices a fuller charge. We also increased the charging speeds. Our development team wanted the ExtraVolt to charge even fast than it currently did, while still keeping the integrity of the device. With the new and improved charging speeds, the ExtraVolt is now fully optimized to give larger, and more power hungry devices, such as tablets, the charging power they need. The current trend in the smartphone industry is to release larger, and more powerful phones (The iPhone 6+, Galaxy S6, etc).

New Additions

The Zekmo development team also believed more items could to be added to the ExtraVolt, to make the experience even better. The first addition we made, was to help our customers with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, etc). The first generation ExtraVolt came with just a micro USB charging cable, which can both charge the ExtraVolt and many other devices, such as Samsung and Google Nexus products. But, the micro USB charging cable does not work with Apple devices. So, we decided to include an Apple Lightning Adapter, now all of Apples current products can be charged as well.

Zekmo inclues an Apple Lightning Connector in its Portable battery pack charger, the ExtraVolt

At the request of our customers, and research of our development team, we have also decided to provide a protective pouch to place your ExtraVolt charging device in. This pouch will protect your ExtraVolt from being scratched and dinged in everyday situations. The pouch will come in slate grey, and will look equally as sleek and modern as the ExtraVolt.

The ExtraVolt Now Comes in Black

One of the largest requests we received from our customers was to, as in the famous Rolling Stones song, “Paint it Black”. You have been heard. In addition to completely recreating the ExtraVolt to improve and optimize its charging abilities, we also have created a black version of the ExtraVolt.

Black Zekmo ExtraVolt Portable Battery Pack Charger


Release Date

We at Zekmo, have not yet set an official release date for the second generation of ExtraVolts. What we can say, it that you can expect to see it hit the shelves Summer of 2015. We appreciate all of the feedback and support that we have gotten from our customers, it is in partnership with you, that allows to continually improve and redefine the technology space.

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