Are you always wracking your brain trying to pick out a gift for a family member or friend? Always worried that you’re giving something too practical or impractical? Well, there’s a solution to this problem — because with the popularity of mobile devices these days, you can never go wrong with those portable chargers. Not only are they completely functional, but they can be quite cute as well; people call them “beautility” products.

If a friend or family member is eternally attached to their iPhone, a portable iPhone charger as a gift will surely be appreciated for they will be able to charge their phones without having to go looking for a free socket around. Everybody hates a “dying” phone, especially in crucial moments, so a charger is definitely a perfect present to give.

But other than the basic functionality of today’s iPhone chargers, manufacturers of these products have decided to throw in some other features. For example, a slim charger was released not too long ago — you twist the notch on one end a bit and it begins to charge your iPhone, then twist it another time and it becomes a flashlight, and twist the notch again to warm and it serves as a hand warmer. You get three uses from the little gadget.

ExtraVolt Portable External Battery Pack Charger Gift

Another reason why chargers make great gifts is the fact that they no longer just charge your phone; usually, they have other cables so you can charge other gadgets as well. These chargers are powered enough when fully charged to accommodate multiple charging; you can charge your own phone, an iPod and even a tablet PC. You can also use the same charger for a portable USB powered cap that can turn any water bottle into a humidifier.

It’s important to mention, as well, the rise of solar-powered phone chargers; therefore, if the recipient suddenly finds herself in a place where there’s absolutely no electricity, she can take advantage of several hours of blazing sunshine to charge her phone and other mobile devices.

Lastly, the latest designs are just so cute and they keep on getting cuter and cuter. You have funky-colored or animal-print chargers; some are shaped like a milk carton, a Starbucks cup, a bottle of fancy nail polish, a minion or Rilakkuma – the selection of designs is just outrageous. The cute factor of these chargers is enough to make them awesome gifts, especially now that “kawaii” is all the rage when it comes to gadgets.


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