Zekmo ExtraVolt Portable Battery Pack Charger Adventures

The thought of our society stepping into a computer “networking” era still sounds like science fiction, the kind we read in books or watch in movies.  But they say that books and movies are “based on true, real-life stories” and very often, “truth is stranger than fiction”.

And we are exactly here.  The predictions of thinkers and visionaries like Isaac Asimov of how technology will evolve in the next 50 years or so are finally coming to reality.

Our society is not only increasing the use of technology, it’s depending on it on a daily basis. We work with it, we use it for entertainment, healthcare, finances, education, to name a few, and ultimately, we carry it in our pockets.

Technology has been in this world forever, but it is now that we are experiencing the most social aspect of it. We are not just inventing tools and techniques to develop our societies, nor we are simply receiving information. We are using technology actively to communicate and connect with other people around the globe. Internet is bringing us closer together, improving our experiences and encouraging collective knowledge.

We got the whole world in our hands. And the Power.

Bringing this power to people is only possible thanks to the technological progress that we have experienced throughout the last decade. We feel the need to stay “connected”. We rely so much on technology that we believe we would be lost without it. Mobile devices, for instance, rather than being a luxury have become a necessity.

With this necessity, new portable chargers have evolved into amazingly smaller, weightless, and more efficient ones, but they still struggle to supply the power needed for the incredible amount of data that’s being transferred through mobile devices per second.

More than once we find ourselves running low on battery and usually in moments when we need our mobile devices the most. But in the face of necessity, ideas blossom.

Zekmo ExtraVolt Portable Battery Pack Charger with Devices

Zekmo® ExtraVolt™ is not a new concept in terms of portable mobile chargers, but it is unique as far as design, technology, and user experience are concerned. The slim structure makes it extremely portable. Providing over 40 hours of talk and browsing time on most smartphones, it can fully charge tablets and other electronic devices.

“Zekmo’s proprietary Charge Aware™ Technology
smartly detects your device status and adjusts to its charging
needs, providing the fastest possible charge for your device.

Unlike most competing chargers, the ExtraVolt™ is able to utilize the
Charge Aware™ technology and provide an incredibly quick charge.”

It’s a reality that we are enslaved by technology. We are continuously checking email, texting, playing and surfing the Internet, so we need to count on a reliable portable charger to avoid the inevitable dead battery.  With its 6” x 3” x 1.4”, 14000mAh lithium ion battery, high speed 2.1 amp charging port, ultra-slim design and sleek metallic outer band, Zekmo Extravolt has succeeded the expectations of many happy owners with its super fast charging technology, allowing to power efficiently two devices at once.  (View full specs).

In these times, we can’t afford to wait a couple of hours for a full battery charge. We need to do things and we need to do them now. We need Zekmo’s ExtraVolt “Power Without Limits”.