Beauty is a matter of individual tastes, and achieving the creation of something beautiful in the eyes of all can be wildly difficult. Design and beauty have always had a major impact on the consumer. Most people thought that not everything could be beautiful, one of those things being portable chargers. When designing the ExtraVolt, we tore down any barrier between the ExtraVolt, and creating the world’s most beautiful portable charger.
In The Beginning, There Were Bricks
When we first began development of the ExtraVolt, we wanted to make it the most beautiful portable charger out there. We sought out to gain inspiration from other chargers on the market, unfortunately no such inspiration was gained. What we found was plastic brick, after plastic brick, after plastic brick. Not a single one of them appealed to the senses, so it only energized us further to create a beautiful charger. At Zekmo, we have incredibly high standards, so that is why we spent countless hours working on the perfect design for our charger. When we had our end result, we had successfully created the world’s most beautiful portable charger. The ExtraVolt easily outshined the competition with more just its fantastic function, but also with its magnificent design.
A Market Fixture
When a new idea or creation endures, it becomes a fixture, in the sense of a thing, easily recognized, something one expects to see. Our chargers are market fixtures and when thinking of gifts, they join the list of things everyone should have. Today one can do an online search for portable chargers and find endless amounts blatant copies, and attempts to match our beauty achieved through design. The beauty is the ability of our chargers to disarm a viewer. It is a mark of success when people stop and look at that extremely well designed device.
We Seek To Be Unique
The portable charger has a quality that might go unnoticed today when the beauty and functionality are so well entrenched. Our chargers give the wearer a one-of-a-kind experience. For example, if one uses the silver-trimmed, portable and sleek device at an airport, restaurant, or any type of event, they are likely to get stopped and ask where they got such a device. No device in a crowd of thousands, could give the impact that the ExtraVolt does. It is so unique it is beautiful, so sleek it silences the viewer, and in the end, the most admired portable charger out there today.

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